Planning Board


Due to construction in the Town Office, the Bowdoin Planning Board will be meeting at Bowdoin Central School through March 2023. The meeting on December 27th has been cancelled.

Masks can be worn at attendee’s discretion.

The Planning Board meets on The Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM

You can also reach the Planning Board by email at [email protected]

Michaeline Mulvey
Chair & Board Member
216 Huff’s Mill Road
(207) 737-8695
[email protected]

Helen Watts
Vice Chair & Board Member
455 Litchfield Road
(207) 522-9366
[email protected]

Lauren LeClerc
Secretary & Board Member
1331 Main Street
(207) 756-9322
[email protected]

Jim Moulton
Board Member
164 Starbird Corner Road
(207) 449-2177
[email protected]

Jason Leeman
Board Member
1884 Augusta Road
(207) 891-9218
[email protected]

Meet Your Bowdoin Planning Board Members!

Planning Board Minutes

Archived Minutes

For minutes from 2016 and earlier, please visit the town office.


2022 Minutes

Each document is formatted as “pbxxxxxxxx.pdf” which is broken down into the 2-digit month, followed by the 2-digit day, and lastly the 4-digit year. “pb01132022.pdf” means the document is from the Planning Board Meeting on January 13, 2022.

Filename / LinkSize
pb01112022.pdf420.4 Kb
pb01252022.pdf355.17 Kb
pb02082022.pdf361.82 Kb
pb03082022.pdf378.75 Kb
pb03222022.pdf454.18 Kb
pb04122022.pdf610.56 Kb
pb04262022.pdf609.99 Kb
pb05102022.pdf433.08 Kb
pb05242022.pdf383.93 Kb
pb06142022.pdf397.88 Kb
pb06282022.pdf499.66 Kb
pb07122022.pdf396.74 Kb
pb07262022.pdf799.05 Kb
pb08092022.pdf536.34 Kb
pb08232022.pdf522.17 Kb
pb09132022.pdf423.64 Kb
pb09272022.pdf256.5 Kb
pb10112022.pdf228.54 Kb
pb10252022.pdf231.47 Kb
pb11082022.pdf233.27 Kb