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Assessors Notice

To all persons liable for taxation in the Town of Bowdoin, you are hereby notified to provide the Assessor’s a true and perfect list of estates, not by law exempt from taxation in your possession on April 1st. A form reporting such list is included in the Town Report.

Profile of Services

Annually, the Assessor’s Office reviews valuations and makes adjustments to the valuations that include any additions and deletions. The department is also responsible for maintaining accurate records of property ownership. Part of the assessment process includes conducting an annual “ratio study”, which compares the actual selling price of property to assessments. The most recent study conducted for the state valuation purposes indicated the assessed values, on average, to be at approximately 100% of market value.

In addition to these and other duties, the Assessor’s Office is responsible for processing exemptions for veterans and veterans’ widows, of which there were.

The Assessor’s Office is a clearing-house of information such as building and land records, monthly sales transactions and assessment valuation information used by other Town departments, the public, and their representatives (appraisers, brokers, attorneys, surveyors, title companies, etc.). Reports are often generated from the commitment file for use by various town departments, as well as the office being the source of addresses for public hearing notification. Computer reports containing various assessment and ownership information can be purchased for a reasonable fee.


All Application Forms can be downloaded HERE


Most homeowners whose principal residence is in Maine are entitled to a $20,000 reduction in valuation (adjusted by the community’s ratio of valuation to actual market sales). To qualify, homeowners must fill out a simple form declaring property as their principal residence by April 1 in the tax year claimed. Once the application is filed, the exemption remains until the owner sells or changes their place of residence. Forms are available in the Assessor’s Office. Alternatively, you may download this form.


For those taxpayers who qualify, the state will make a partial reimbursement of taxes paid. Forms must be filed by January 31 each year and are available in the Assessor’s Office on or about the middle of August each year or online from the State of Maine Revenue


Any person who was in active service in the armed forces of the United States during a federally recognized war campaign period and, if discharged or retired under honorable conditions, may be eligible for a partial exemption from taxes on their primary residence.

The Veteran must have reached age 62 or must be receiving a pension or compensation from the United States Government for total disability, either service or non-service connected.

Applications forms can be obtained in the Assessor’s Office and must be filed with military discharge documentation on or before April 1st of the year it will go into effect.


Residents of Bowdoin who are certified to be legally blind by their eye care professional are eligible for a partial exemption from taxes on their primary residence in the town.


The Assessor’s Office welcomes all taxpayers to visit or call with any questions pertaining to real estate assessments, or further information on any of the assistance programs.