Updated (11/04/19) Comcast Expansion Update

Updated Timeline – Colors represent status

(Completed | In-Progress | Waiting)

  • Pre-Work: 3 to 5 Months – Late 2018 thru Early 2019 – Completed
    • Pre-Work is the planning phase. Budget approvals, work approvals, etc.
  • Design Work: 1 to 2 months – Early 2019 thru Spring 2019 – Completed
    • Design Work is planning on which poles needs replacement, which roads need service, where and how service is to be run, etc.
  • Materials Purchased: 1 month – Summer 2019 – Completed
    • Materials purchased is when Comcast has finalized their budget and purchased all necessary equipment (fiber, nodes, hardware, etc.)
  • Make-Ready: Summer 2019 – Fall 2019 – Completed
    • Make-Ready is when Comcast works with the Utility companies who own poles (CMP, Consolidated Communications, etc.) to prepare the poles for the attachment of Comcast’s equipment. This is the longer part of the process as Comcast is at the mercy of the other utilities.
  • Expansion Work: Summer 2019 (30-60 days once started) – In-Progress, Delayed
    • Expansion work is when Comcast will begin to build out and lay new lines on the poles and to customer sites. Work is expected to take 60 days.
    • DELAYED – New expected completion date is November 29th, 2019.