Notice From Animal Control

On Tuesday 05/19/20 around 4:00 pm we received a call in the area of Keay Road in Lisbon, Sabattus and Bowdoin. The caller stated that a citizen had been attacked and bitten by a fox.

The victim was outside in their yard sitting and enjoying the afternoon sun when a fox suddenly charged at them biting them on both legs and their hand. The victim was able to get their hands around the neck of the animal while screaming for help. The victim’s spouse was nearby and they ran to aid the victim where they grabbed the fox around the neck and began chocking the fox. Another citizen arrived and assisted in killing the animal. The Lisbon Animal Control Officer responded, and the fox was transported to the Maine CDC in Augusta for rabies testing. The victim and their spouse went to the hospital to receive treatment.

The fox did test positive for Rabies. Keay Road, the area of this attack, effects three Towns; Lisbon, Sabattus, and Bowdoin.