Update – Comcast Expansion Scheduled to Begin in 2019

The Town of Bowdoin is happy to announce that Comcast has agreed to our request to expand coverage in Bowdoin to serve those who are Non-Serviced or Under-Serviced. While details are still not fully complete, we have received the following information:

  • Comcast will spend Winter 2018/2019 acquiring license rights to attach to poles, permits, and other prerequisite tasks.
  • Construction is preliminarily scheduled to begin May 2019 with completion between 30-90 days thereafter.
  • The Cost of this expansion is estimated to be $481,078, covered by Comcast with a contribution from Bowdoin in the amount of $25,000
  • The streets covered by this expansion include:
    • John Tarr
    • Huff Mills Road
    • Dead River Road
    • Ledge Hill Road
    • Samsons Way
    • Bishops Way
    • Beechnut Hill Road
    • Burr Lane
    • Forty Acre Drive
    • West Road
    • Wood School House Road
    • Lumber Drive
    • Davis Way
    • Highland Road
    • Lewis Hill Road
    • Academy Lane
    • West Burrough Road
    • Denham Lane

If you are not on the above list and feel that you should be, please contact us directly and we will review this with Comcast. The above information is not all of the information, and we will update this post when receive more.